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David Jagneaux

Freelance Writer and Editor

David lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and loves everything about gaming. He has been writing about games since 2011 and has been writing and editing professionally since 2008.

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Gravity rush 2 20170114112129 article

Review: Gravity Rush 2 is a physics-defying sequel that delivers

Gravity Rush 2 is the first great game of 2017. It takes what made the original a cult classic and builds upon that foundation in meaningful ways across all areas of the experience...

Virginia game3 article

Review: Virginia tells a powerful story with a perplexing conclusion

This was a hard game to score because I really wanted to love it more than I did. The unique storytelling format and intense musical score carry what is an otherwise perplexing narrative that tries very hard to be profound but ends up feeling a bit muddled.

Tyranny1 article

Review: Tyranny is the complex story of a world where evil prevails

With a rushed third act and a few frustrating quirks here and there, Tyranny falls just short of reaching the legendary heights of the games that inspired it. Obsidian has, however, once again delivered on their pedigree with an engrossing and inventive story of betrayal and tyrannical rule. This game is a must-play for fans of isometric narrative roleplaying games.

Sonic mania article

Preview: Sonic Mania is the 2D sequel we’ve all been waiting for

The Sonic the Hedgehog series has over the years established a reputation for delivering consistently disappointing games that fail to live up to the legacy that the franchise built in the heyday of 2D platforming that was the early and mid-90s...

Divinity original sin 2 banner article

Divinity: Original Sin 2 solidifies the series as a true masterclass of roleplaying

What happens when you take one of the most detailed and complex roleplaying games released in the past decade, and make it even better?

Zelda symphony3 article

The Zelda Symphony is a live performance of pure, unadulterated

Condensing a legacy of nostalgia and memories that spans across over 30 years of the video game industry into a single evening’s orchestral performance is no small feat, but that’s exactly what The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses sets out to do...

Yooka laylee mine article

Preview: Yooka-Laylee successfully channels the heart of Banjo

Making spiritual successors is risky business. For starters, you have to please fans of whatever the original source material is, but do so without the branding and name recognition of the original...

Event0 article

Review: Event[0] is a brief tale of trust and friendship with a clever AI

While Event{0} ends far too soon, the clever and emotive A.I. is a real treat to interact with. It’s far from a perfect implementation, but the unique and engaging story is one worth experiencing for fans of sci-fi exploration adventures that don’t mind a bit of reading.

Titanfall 2 image article

Titanfall 2 Preview E3 2016

This year at E3 2016, for the first time in what felt like an eternity, Electronic Arts did not have a booth on the show floor...

Inon zur article

Interview: Fallout 4 composer Inon Zur

Developing a compelling and immersive score is something that you might say Inon Zur excels at. His works includes past Fallout games, Dragon Age, Prince of Persia, and more. We talked to how he creates a score for a game like Fallout, and the importance that it brings to the overall experience.

Overwatch genji hero article

Overwatch: The MOBA for the Masses?

While there are some concerns over hero balance, as is the case with any MOBA-style game, Overwatch is off to an incredible start.

Forge website clip share article

Forge aims to make sharing PC gaming moments easier than ever

At first glance, Forge seems like just another game capture application. It’s got some slick branding, sure, but a billion programs exist that can record and archive game footage. So, how is it different?

Mass effect mmo art article

7 game franchises that would be awesome in different genres

We've seen it happen before: a cherished and beloved game franchise takes the world and characters that fans love and mixes things up...usually with mixed results.