David Jagneaux

David Jagneaux

Freelance Writer and Editor

David lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and loves everything about gaming. He has been writing about games since 2011 and has been writing and editing professionally since 2008.

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Bestgearvrgamesjan2015 article

10 Must-play Gear VR Games - Gamezebo

The Samsung Gear VR, the first available consumer-level virtual reality headset on the market (powered by your Samsung Android smartphone) already has a ton of games available for download...

Samsung gear vr headset gamezebo article

Samsung Gear VR Review: The Future is Now

Virtual reality has always been one of the most elusive aspects of modern technology...

Dragonoflegends article

Dragon of Legends is an MMO Like No Other

Mobile MMOs typically aim to create an experience that’s easy to pick up and play in short bursts, with minimal complexity to appeal to as many people as possible...

Nightterrors1 article

Nightmares Come Alive in Mobile Horror Game ‘Night Terrors’

Whether it be Resident Evil, Silent Hill, or even Dead Space, horror games all have one thing in common: they exist purely in a digital space...