David Jagneaux

David Jagneaux

Freelance Writer and Editor

David lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and loves everything about gaming. He has been writing about games since 2011 and has been writing and editing professionally since 2008.

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Entanglement article

The Tyrian Chronicle: Mordremoth's Entanglement - MMOGames.com

A video look at the Guild Wars 2 living story episode Entanglement. Be warned, here there be spoilers....

Gw2 human hound art article

The Tyrian Chronicle: Does Guild Wars 2 Need an Expansion? - MMOGames.com

Expansions have been a hotly debated topic in the Guild Wars 2 community since the game launched. Does the popular MMO need an expansion?...

Guild wars 2 guild battle wallpaper article

The Tyrian Chronicle: Building Better Guilds - MMOGames.com

From guild halls to guild vs guild battles there are a number of ways to improve guilds in Guild Wars 2....

Gw2 shatterer event article

The Tyrian Chronicle: Dynamic Events - MMOGames.com

The dynamic events system in Guild Wars 2 sets it apart from other MMOs, but has this system seen the end of its days?...

Dragons reach finale trailer capture article

The Tyrian Chronicle: Happy Two Year Anniversary! - MMOGames.com

This week is the two year anniversary of ArenaNet's hugely successful Guild Wars 2. We take a look at the last year and some hopes for the future....

Ultima online pic article

The Virtual Fathers of the Modern Day MMORPG - MMOGames.com

Happy Father's day to the forefathers of the MMORPG!...

2014 07 04 00005 article

The Tyrian Chronicle: Opening the Gates of Maguuma - MMOGames.com

Welcome to the debut edition of The Tyrian Chronicle! This week of the Guild Wars 2 column will focus on the recent Gates of Maguuma Season 2 LIving Story....