David Jagneaux

David Jagneaux

Freelance Writer and Editor

David lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and loves everything about gaming. He has been writing about games since 2011 and has been writing and editing professionally since 2008.

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Fifa 16 600x300 article

FIFA 16 Review: Get Your Kicks

Soccer, or football as it’s called in the parts of the world not known as North America, is easily the most popular sport on the planet...

In between title screen 600x300 article

In Between Review: A Journey Through the Stages of Grief

In Between is the story of a terminally ill cancer patient struggling to accept his own mortality...

Pes 16 article

Pro Evolution Soccer 16 Review: Breakaway Score

Once in a while the underdog comes out on top. Other times, the established and most popular dog retains the crown...

Pixel galaxy screenshot 6 article

Pixel Galaxy Review: Retro Gaming Love

Games that look like they were originally created in the 80s are making a big comeback as of late...

Nba live feature 600x300 article

NBA Live 16 Review: Airball

They say competition breeds innovation, but I’m not so sure that’s always the case. When it comes to choosing a basketball simulation video game, pickings are quite slim...

Nba2k16 feature 600x300 article

NBA 2K16 Review: Courtside Brilliance

There is only one reason to play a sports video game—to recreate that sport in the comfort of your home...

Virtualreality 600x300 article

[Video Games 101] What is Virtual Reality?

Chances are you’ve heard of virtual reality. Most people have a degree of familiarity with virtual reality as an idea. Essentially, it’s a simulation of another world that you interact with...

Gaming and violence ad 04 600x300 article

Violent Video Games Evoke Guilt and Sympathy in Players

You’ve heard it all before: playing violent video games leads to violent behavior. Violent video games are bad for you. The same narrative gets repeated over and over, especially when something terrible happens in the world...

Starcoder 600x300 article

Starcoder Teaches Kids to Code While They Play

There are lots of different ways to introduce kids to coding, but often the best way to teach someone a new topic is to pair it up with something they already love...

Wizard101 600x300 article

7 Great Massively Multiplayer Online Games for Families

Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs) are a dime a dozen online. There are thousands of different MMOs to choose from...

Zelda header 600x300 article

Coping with the Absence of a Father With The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda taught me what my father never had a chance to: it taught me how to be a good person...

Astal breaker game 600x300 article

Making Games Together Brings a Couple Closer

Game development is hard. Independent game development can be, in many ways, much harder...